The attendance workshop provided APS families with the opportunity to learn more about attendance requirements and collaborate on strategies for improving attendance.  Participants also had a chance to analyze their student's attendance data and ask questions.

College awareness workshop

The college awareness workshop is an annual opportunity for immigrant and refugee students to learn the particulars necessary for gaining acceptance to post-secondary education and receiving financial support.  It also provides the opportunity for students and their families to ask questions of guidance counselors and school staff.  This year, we also had the opportunity to recognize students exhibiting the practices and work habits required for college.

Amazon Holiday Giveaway

Thanks to a generous partnership with Amazon, the APS Welcome Center was able to give books, toys, games, and household items to newcomer Aurora families. 

Colorado Politics wrote a story about the event


The APS Welcome Center assists APS refugee and immigrant families in becoming more familiar with and accustomed to the Aurora Public Schools System.

The Aurora Public Schools Welcome Center (APSWC) strives to make the transition for new immigrant and refugee students to Aurora Public Schools (APS) as comfortable and successful as possible.  The APSWC was established in 2015 with the goals of assisting refugee and immigrant students and their families with adjusting to APS schools and increasing the academic success of refugee and immigrant students through targeted programming.  The APSWC is privileged to work with the diverse students comprising the APS population, who speak over 130 different languages.

Unified Job Description

My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day.

I do my job by assisting refugee and immigrant families new to the country and new to APS, and supporting their students as they transition into APS schools.

My community needs me to do my job.